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2018 Accord - Bluetooth and Door Unlock Issues

Old 01-03-2019, 11:35 AM
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Angry 2018 Accord - Bluetooth and Door Unlock Issues

I have had my 2018 Accord for about 11 months. I have run into two annoyances that, according to the dealer, no one else has ever reported and they can't duplicate. To me, both appear to be software issues. I am wondering if it really is just me, or if anyone else has also seen these problems.

Bluetooth - My phone connects to the car roughly 80% of the time. The other 20% or so, it will not. If I turn off the car and then restart it, the Bluetooth software apparently reinitializes and will connect properly to the phone. I was told by the dealer that I need to update my phone. However, all security patches are installed. In addition, we have the same problem with my wife's phone generally connecting, but not always. (Her phone is a different manufacturer and different Android version. She generally keeps Bluetooth off, and will only turn it on when I am unable to connect, so it is not an issue of competing Bluetooth signals. Plus, I drive alone the vast majority of the time, and this definitely happens under those conditions.)

Driver's Door Unlock - About 95% of the time, when I put my hand on the driver's door handle, the door unlocks properly. However, 5% of the time, the driver's door will not unlock, but the other three doors will. (I did select the option to unlock all doors simultaneously in the settings.) Also, trying to get around this by pressing on the unlock button on the fob will not unlock the driver's door. Similarly, pressing the lock and then unlock buttons on the fob will still not unlock the driver's door. Sometimes, walking away from the car, and then coming back will unlock the driver's door as expected. My two workarounds are to either go in the passenger side and then reach over to unlock the driver's door, or, by accident, I found out that holding down the unlock button on the fob for about 10 seconds will lower all of the windows and open the sunroof. The dealer told me to keep my phone separated from my fob. I am sure is not the issue. I always keep them in separate pockets. But, even if it was, it does not explain why three doors unlock, but not the fourth.

Thanks for either confirming that others also have these problems, or, as my dealer's service advisor tells me, it really is just me and my haunted car.
Old 01-10-2019, 05:52 PM
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Re: Driver's Door Unlock -- I have the same/similar problem with my 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid which I purchased in June 2018. The percentage seems to be about the same (95/5) which makes it an intermittent problem. Major difference(s) for me is that none of my doors unlock when the Door Handle Unlock doesn't work (I have my doors set to "All Unlock"). Sometimes doing the lock/unlock with the fob eventually works somewhere - - I've come in through the rear-driver side a couple times. Once, nothing seemed to work and I crawled in through the trunk.

I had my car in for Dealer Service on 4 Jan 19 and mentioned it. They kept the car for most of the day, trying to re-create the problem - no luck - but they did find that a cell on my battery was dead and replaced the battery (no charge warranty). I don't know if that was related or not since it hasn't happened since (too early I think).

Unfortunately, until just the other day, I had forgotten about the key in my fob. I'll see if that works in the future.
Old 01-10-2019, 10:34 PM
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I had also forgotten about the key in the fob the first several times this happened to me. I also have gone in through the bac door and the passenger front door. Going in through the passenger front door, I found the unlock button on that door still will not unlock the driver's door. I also have the car set to unlock all doors, but in my case, when this happens, only 3 doors will unlock, and not the driver's door.

The easiest thing that works for me is holding down the unlock button on the fob. After about 10 seconds, all of the windows go down, so it is easy to get into the car.

The key in the fob should work fine to unlock the door, since that is completely mechanical, rather than dependent on software.

I really donít think it has anything to do with a bad battery. I have a gas powered Accord.
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